How To Distinguish Divorce Facts From Fictions
There is so much information (and misinformation) floating around out there about divorce it's often hard to know what to believe and what to disregard. Believing something doesn't make it a fact just as not believing something makes it untrue. After working with hundreds of divorcing individuals we have come to hear the same things over and over, and we have also come to learn that many things people accept as fact are not.

We have listed some examples of what we hear. The first column is made up of things that may hold some truth, but can be very damaging if they become one's reality. The opposite column is an alternate way of looking at these things that is sometimes founded on research, or other reliable resources. The second column will offer peace of mind, and a greater ability to feel encouraged about moving forward. 

Fiction vs. Fact

Divorce means you did not try hard enough.

 vs.     Some marriages simply have an expiration date.

Divorce is always a sad unwanted event.

 vs. Divorce is an opportunity to restart your life.

Children are inevitably screwed up by divorce.

 vs. Children can build resilience from divorce.

Women have a harder time with divorce then men.

 vs. Heartbreak is heartbreak.

Being married is better than being single.

 vs. Being happy as an individual is the foundation for a fulfilling life.

Divorcing couples always hate each other.

 vs. Every individual has the opportunity to go through their divorce with dignity and integrity.

Getting divorced means you are damaged goods.

 vs. Divorce can make you a better person.

Be aware that your mind is very powerful and it will steer you down a nasty, negative road if you let it.

 vs. You have the power to adjust your thinking.


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