Why Write?

For thousands of years human beings have used marks, symbols, drawings and signs to communicate with one another. We may come kicking and screaming, or inflamed with a passion to write, but at some point we will all arrive. 

We just launched Write Away, Write Now! and over 6000 from around the world are actively connecting and receiving support for their personal reasons to write.  Here are just a few of the reasons they have arrived:
  • I want the personal satisfaction of being published.
  • I hope to advance my cause.
  • I want to share my knowledge.
  • I need to grow my business or advance my career.
  • I'd like to achieve fame.
  • I'd like to earn a fortune.
  • All of the above.
Our new, vibrant community is fueled by the powerful JournalEngine Platform.  I have asked Kim Ades, Founder of JournalEngine, to join us on a call where she will answer your questions and you will discover:
  • Why writing is essential to your personal fulfillment and business success.
  • How to influence and inspire others through your writing
  • How you can deepen and strengthen results with clients through writing.
  • How writing can propel your vision and passion into your reality
  • 3 of the most important elements for your writing success, and how to make them work for you today
  • Kim's most treasured writing tools

Featured Resources

Your Book Is Your Hook! Radio Show with host and bestselling
author, Jennifer Wilkov is designed to serve and support authors, writers and readers of books and other writing mediums. It showcases industry professionals and authors who share insights, experiences and wisdom about writing, marketing and publishing your book.

Airs Tuesdays, 9AM Eastern.  Replay is available.
Write Now! Radio

Listen as  top authors and publishing professionals share their treasured resources, success secrets, and the defining moments that have shaped their lives. Shows air every Wednesday at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific.
Eliminate the Blocks That Block Success NOW
With Author, Dr. Sherry Buffington.

If you could instantly and permanently remove the blocks that are blocking your success, what might that do for your writing, your business, and your life?

What might your life look like if you could do the things you want to do without having to battle all the internal blocks that keep you stuck? www.banishblocks.com
Bestselling Authors International
honoring Bestselling Authors Across the Globe

Bestseller Launchpad
where over 5000 are waiting to help you
launch your book


Want to be a guest?  Need to find a guest?


The "Publishing Reset" Book Breakthrough Program From Best-Selling Author, Suzanne Falter-Barns.

This breakthrough Home Study program teaches you how to tap into what's really going on in publishing right now and how to make it work for you.


NEW: Juicy Journaling Volume 2 from SARK

More nourishing adventures to start your day off WRITE
The first Juicy Journaling eProgram was released in 2009, and by popular demand, I've created an ultra-juicy sequel, with 100% all-new contentPLUS high-quality audio recordings of FOUR live writing teleworkshops taught by me!

Juicy Journaling Volume 2 is overflowing with NEW, multi-media
tools to help you...

  • Unearth your new, fresh writing voice
  • Nourish your curious, colorfull, inspired writer self
  • Expand self-awareness and self-care practices
  • Find your flow and create a happy habit for daily creative writing
  • Go new places with words...from journaling to poetry and beyond!
  • Discover the story that only you can tell!
  • Challenge your creativity with four high-quality audio recordings of live "Juicy Jam" writing teleworkshops...structured exactly how I run my in-person workshops!
  • Develop new courage and confidence across many writing styles
  • Find and renew a deep LOVE for both your writing AND and your life!
Make This the Year That You Finally Get Your Ezine
Going, or Going Consistently, and Watch Your Business TAKE OFF!

From: Linda Claire Puig, Sebastopol, CA
As someone who's spent mor than twenty-five years creating newsletters for clients, I've seen first-hand why a newsletter is hands-down one of the most essential, proven marketing tools you can use to get more clients and grow your business.

Rick Frishman has been one of the leading book publicists in America
for over thirty-three years.

Access Rick's Million Dollar Rolodex with one hundred pages of important writers' contact and resources for FREE!

Be sure to check back from time to time and download the latest version for the most current information.

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Blueprint to Writing an eBook in A Flash
Whether You've Never Written, Hate to Write, Can't Write, or
Don't Know How to Write!

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of writing an eBook? Are you frustrated, afraid you can't do it? Maybe you hate to write or just can't find the time. Whatever the reason, I know how frustrating it can be! I've created a system that you can use to get it done quickly, and I've created the first home-study course that actually gives you a time-specific format that allows you to get it done in seventy-two hours or less with a step-by- step process that you can follow!


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