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Show Me About Book Publishing reveals the dollars and sense of publishing--and a game plan that every author needs to implement to be successful with the publishing game.

What's Smart Publishing Got to Do with You and Your Book?  One Word ... Everything!

Publishing is morphing on a daily basis ... If you are a new author, you've got publishing questions. Plenty of them. If you are an already published author, you should have publishing questions. Plenty of them. Show Me About Book Publishing has the answers.

The traditional ways and whys of publishing are broken. Fewer deals, lesser advances, more work, reduced royalties and not a lot of fun. Show Me About Book Publishing is all about the new, new way that savvy authors create their book, control its destiny and are financially successful.   
In Show Me About Book Publishing, sought after publishing consultants, veteran authors and independent publishers Judith Briles, Rick Frishman and John Kremer reveal the whys, how-tos and don'ts in today's authoring and publishing worlds.

Rick Frishman
Robyn Freedman Spizman

I've been trying to get published. This is a great manuscript that everyone loves; about creating success and contentment in your life, a real how-to based on twenty-five years of research and training. The authors of 101 make it clear that the publishing world has changed and EXACTLY what I (and you) need to do about it. Read 101 and Guerilla Marketing for Writers. With these two books, you will understand what you face and what you can do about it. ~ Gordon Wolf, Ph.D.
Roy Peter Clark
This book is a godsend. It is a book that offers some of the most practical and useful advice regarding competent and effective writing that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

I am currently using it, not only for my own writing, but as a tool in my freshman, college composition classes. The exercises have proven to be extremely effective in improving my student's submissions.

~ Leonard Laurence-Probert

Madelyne Simone Rovenhauer
Bitingly satirical. Serves up a bigger dose of truth than any gross of the usual how-to-be-published books.
~ Puyallup Mercury Dispatch

Highly recommended for the experienced writer looking to enjoy a good laugh. Should be required reading for aspiring best-selling authors.
~ Midwest Book Review

Topples publishing from its pedestal and into the gutter where it belongs.
~ Ren Philipe Laucaste, Author of Angles Of Repose

Dawn DiPrince
Some people just don't want to share intimate details about their thoughts, feelings, and lives, at least not with others in a class or group. That's where UnJournaling comes in. All the writing prompts in this book are entirely impersonal but completely engaging for both kids and adults.

Appropriate for a wide range of ages, these exercises get the mind racing. About the only thing more fun than taking off and writing away would be reading your responses aloud. How many journal exercises are that fun, and funny?
~ Amy Senk

Dr. Cathy Greenberg and
Barrett S. Avigdor, JD

Science and sociology have made great strides in understanding what makes us happy and how we achieve it. For working mothers who face endless demands on their time and attention, What Happy Working Mothers Know provides scientifically proven and practical ways to find the right balance and replace stress with happiness. Written by a behavioral scientist and global leadership guru, and an international lawyer and career coach, this mom-friendly guide offers practical tactics that truly works. 

Susan Guiher
and Mary McHenry
Stop Spinning Plates is a must read and a must have for anyone! Stop Spinning Plates relates to all aspects of life. As a business owner, I am having to balance my professional and personal life on a daily basis. This book allowed me to develop my own definition of what greatness means to me. At the same time it has helped me to concentrate more on the areas where I thrive, thus making it easier to achieve and believe in my goals and dreams. Thank you Sue and Mary for creating such a wonderful resource.   ~Christine Moran

Joyce Odidison
This book is a powerful tool for assessing a difficult client's interpersonal awareness.

Author Joyce Odidison is a conflict analyst, speaker and coach and is the president and owner of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.  Joyce has been a consultant for the past fifteen years and serves organizations, individuals, and groups. She has helped numerous clients maximize their success and realize improved relationships at work, at home, and in groups. She has helped her clients negotiate difficult workplace conflicts, create collaborative working groups, mediate highly tense disputes , and improve workplace wellness.

Dr. Eve Agee

elected Winner of the International Book Awards for Best Women's Health Book!

I love this book! The focus is on wellness and how to increase wellness in your life. It helps women appreciate and connect to their power and uniqueness. The book's broad scope from nutrition, to self-care, to movement to mind-body techniques, is holistic in it's approach, and provides a powerful tool set that women can personalize to their own needs and preferences. I very much enjoyed the book, it is easy to read, with an amazing amount of useful information. I was surprised at how much I learned from the book and wish it had been available years ago.
~ J. Newman

Dr. Sherry Buffington
The Law of Abundance, understanding the science behind the law, is the most amazing book I've read in a long time. I can only imagine what a better place this world would be if even a small minority of the people in it would practice the method in Buffington's book. Not only does it explain, through the laws of energy, why people get stuck and go nowhere, but also why some keep getting more of what they don't want, and others seem to 'have it made' no matter what they attempt. There is a reason, and The Law of Abundance explains why, in terms most people can understand. Don't like what's going on in the world? You can change it! I personally plan to do my best to practice what I have learned here, and wish the rest of the world would do the same! ~ Ronna R.

Guerrilla Marketing for Writers: 100 No-Cost, Low-Cost
Weapons for Selling Your Work

Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, Michael Larsen,
David L. Hancock


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Books That Inspired
Me to Write

Neale Donald Walsch,

Conversations with God

As a Man Thinketh

James Allen

Here is a small booklet containing very large ideas, including this one: "All that we achieve and all that we fail to achieve is the direct result of our own thoughts." This book has been described as a classic in the truest sense: few books have been so widely read, have stood the test of time so well, have had such an impact on generations of readers, and have carried such a simple, profound message: you are what you think.

Love is Letting Go of Fear
Gerald Jampolsky

An inspirational classic since 1979, this book remains one of the seminal works in the transpersonal movement. Psychiatrist Dr. Gerald Jampolsky's timeless message may be timelier today than ever: the only thing that stands between us and the awesome energy of love is fear.

Handbook to Higher Consciousness
Ken Keyes Jr.

This perennial best seller, written over twenty-five years ago, is more popular than ever and has helped countless people experience dramatic changes in their lives from the time they begin applying the simple, effective techniques that the author has given us. A marvelous book that changed my life within weeks after I read it, the text invites us to understand our emotional addictions and to lift our addictions to the level of preferences, ending so much of our emotional suffering forever. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Spirit Matters
Michael Lerner

This could well be of one the most important social commentaries of the 21st Century. A brilliant and compelling call for a New Bottom Line in our world, this text offers daring, spectacular ideas for the complete restructuring of how we do business and why, as well as how we do life and why. It is impossible not to be ignited by this book, and that is precisely its purpose. It is a world-view altering document that moves with the speed of Light.

The Power of Positive Thinking
Rev. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Written over fifty years ago and translated into fifteen languages with more than seven million copies sold, The Power of Positive Thinking is unparalleled in its extraordinary capacity for restoring the faltering faith of millions.

The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz

This book reveals the source of self-limiting agreements that rob people of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, the book offers a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform anyone's life to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.

The Power of Now
Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle here describes his transition from despair to self-realization soon after his twenty-ninth birthday. In The Power of Now he shows readers how to recognize themselves as the creators of their own pain, and how to have a pain-free existence by living fully in the present. This book, too, I have returned to over and over again, never without profit.

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