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"A life worth living is a life worth recording!"
~Tony Robbins

Why don't we Write Now?
  • We think we don't know how to write.
    Guess what? Neither does any other first-time writer.
  • We have no support.
    You need someone in your corner cheering you on!
  • We're afraid we'll run out of material.
    There isn't a writer out there who hasn't.
  • We fear uncomfortable moments.
    Ah, but that's the most exciting thing about writing.
  • We think, Who am I to write?
    And yet, you are the perfect person to write, because you're the one who arrived at Write Now!
"I'm here to urge you to just get on with your writing. Not only do you deserve it, so do we."
~Suzanne Falter-Barns, author of How Much Joy Can You Stand?
Write Away, Write Now! is a safe, secure place to write and
get all the support you want when you need it!

  1. Keep your writing totally private for your pleasure and growth.
  2. Share exclusively with your mentor(s) or your friends.
  3. Collaborate with your network of over 6,200 like-minded writers.
  4. Whether you write for your own enjoyment; need marketing copy for your products and services; are an experienced author, publisher, or speaker or are just beginning the idea stage of your book, you'll find what you need here!
    Here you can:
  • journal about your life
  • hone your writing skills
  • gain confidence
  • learn sales copy
  • better your blogging
  • write/publish your book
  • be guided by the best mentors
  • discover treasured resources
  • develop new techniques
  • learn expert success secrets
  • expand your vision
  • realize your dreams
...all while you contribute to literacy worldwide
through the greatest causes and organizations!

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"Perfect timing! Thank you. I love "Write Way, Write Now". What a discovery..."
~ Bryce Thompson

"This is an amazing resource, I am still navigating and enjoying all the possibilities here in one place, just in awe, brilliant. Thank you for this resource, much success to us all."

~ Teya

"I just feel extremely happy, super confident, authentic and satisfied all at the same time.
I'm so glad this web site has guided me to take the time to write about the experiences I'm currently having." ~ Jim Schatz

"Viki, I love it." ~ Louise Crooks

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